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Guaranteed Privacy with Syncrify Backups

One of the most important features companies and home users want from a cloud backup solution is privacy. Their main concern is the possibility of a data breach in their providers servers. 

Many cloud services cannot promise guaranteed safety of your private information. Cloud services, such as Dropbox, can only offer a security control panel and a two step verification processes as defenses. Even so, these are only precautions. There is still potential for security breaches. 

Our developers have created a cloud backup solution that surpasses the competition on the security spectrum, and many other key features,Syncrify. Syncrify is a completely private cloud product that ensures your informations stays 100% secure and private. Your privacy was the primary thought put into developing Syncrify. 

  Multi-Tier Backup Syncrify 
This software gives the user to total control of both the source and destination of files being used because Syncrify features multi-tier backup. With multi-tier backup, two machines are involved. One machine reads from the source, while another machine writes to the destination. 

The Syncrify Client is installed on the machine of which you want to backup data and the Syncrify Server is installed on a second machine where that data is stored. The Syncrify Server's location is designated by the Admin and only those authorized will have access to the server. This means no third party will ever see or have access to your files. This allows for maximum security and 100% privacy guaranteed.


If you work in the medical or legal industry or in a doctors office, you especially do not want to risk compromising client information due to confidentiality rules. Or you may even simply have private information you need to share with your employer. Precautionary privacy features that other cloud services offer cannot completely ease your worries and are still risky. With Syncrify, you avoid the risks and take the reward, knowing you are safely cloud-computing information. 

Aside from protecting your privacy, Syncrify protects for your wallet as well. With Syncrify, you pay once for a perpetual license, and then use it forever. There are no monthly or hidden fees attached. This is a product, not a service. Because of this, you receive the maximum ROI. 

Many other cloud services make you pay monthly fees and don???t guarantee your privacy. Syncrify simply exceeds the competition and is the smarter way to invest your money for cloud backup services. 

To find out more about Syncrify and Synametrics Technologies, visit our website or contact us via phone or email.

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Created on: Oct 26, 2017
Last updated on: Jul 12, 2024


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