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What Makes a Good Backup Solution?

In the digital age where data is important to maintain, it's crucial to find a backup solution that will secure your files. There are many solutions provided when searching for one on the web. Due to the abundance of solutions, it might be difficult to determine the correct backup solution for you. When looking for a backup solution, there are some key points to look for. Here are some very important features necessary for a good backup solution:

Speed and Bandwidth

A good backup solution should have the ability to provide efficient data transfer, and to do backups very quickly while not using too much bandwidth. If a backup takes too long or uses too much network traffic, then your files are at risk. When looking for a solution, see if their software provides a mechanism that achieves this.

For example, look for a backup solution which uses Rsync. Rsync is a utility that compares both files and then only backs up the changes. This saves significant network resources since only the small changes are backed up, instead of the entire file.


Security is a necessity when looking for a backup solution. There would be no purpose in backing up files if the solution does not provide a way to secure the transferred data. Some security features to look for in a backup solution are:
  • SSL: Ensure the data being transferred is encrypted through SSL, which is a protocol to secure data on the internet
  • Encryption: Have the ability to encrypt files, so that no one else except the person backing up can see them.
  • Protection against attacks: Countless cyber attacks on the internet occur every second. A backup solution should provide a defense against these attacks. For example, ransomware is a dangerous malware that causes your data to be useless. Good backup software should have a solution against ransomware.


The speed and security of backup software are key points, but another point to factor in is automation. When using a backup solution, it would be very tedious to do manual backups, since it requires a user input. This costs time and can be very cumbersome.

A good backup solution should have the ability to do backups on its own after initial configuration. This way, no additional user inputs are required. This hands-off approach reduces the risk of human error and ensures backups are up to date without needing constant attention.

Reporting and Logging

Extensive logging and reporting are crucial for not only backup programs but for every software. A good backup solution should send reports to the administrator, and the users to let them know if files were able to be backed up or not. Detailed logs aid administrators in troubleshooting issues by identifying problems easily.

Multiple Copies

A reliable backup solution should support creating multiple copies of the same data, which allows versioning. This enables users to restore files from a specific point in time, providing safety in case of accidentally deleting a file, or facing data corruption, or other issues. Versioning ensures snapshots of data are available and can be brought back.


Many backup solutions provide features that will help businesses and personal users maintain their files. When looking for such a solution, it's important to look for key features that enhance the software. These features include reliable speed and consistency, security, automation, reporting and logging, and the ability to maintain multiple copies of the files. Look for these important features when looking for such a solution to keep your files secure and backed up.

Created on: Jan 26, 2024
Last updated on: Jul 13, 2024


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