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Transforming Remote Work From Tired and Tedious To Effortless and Efficient

With the recent outbreak of COVID-19, many businesses have been taking initiative to beat the virus by allowing employees to work remotely. While working from home may provide some individuals with a boosted sense of productivity, many others may feel stressed and overwhelmed by the fast difference of environments. Making the transition from a corporate environment to setting up office in your home living room is not always easy. But with the right mindset and software behind you, communicating and teleworking can become a breeze. Here are a few tips to help elevate your work-from-home experience:

  • Collaborate and Communicate: Despite working on your own from home, it is important to stay in touch with team members and ensure that business is continuing as usual. When communicating with team members, it is important that information is being transmitted in a safe way to avoid spam threats and prevent confidential information from being leaked.

  • Ensure a Secure Environment: Are you storing your data in a safe place? When it comes to a natural disaster, data can be destroyed or compromised easily. Similarly with this virus, data can be threatened by not having proper protection. Ensure your information is backed up and locked in a place where hackers can?t threaten it.

  • Find Your Files: Being able to find the latest file you were working is an essential task but may become more tedious while working from home. It is important that you are able to transfer, download, and send out files as quickly as you would at the office. Having a reliable remote file management system is key to ensuring that this simple task remains successful while working from home.

  • Reliable Technology: Working on certain devices and using a specific kind of software is key when working remotely. It is imperative that all of your devices are synced up and have the capability to transform your home computer into a reliable office asset.

To accomplish all of these goals and find a tech solution that works best for your environment, please check out Synametrics Technologies products. Utilizing Xeams for quick and secure communication, Syncrify for data backup, and SynaMan for finding files, your remote work experience will transform from tiresome and tedious to easy and efficient. For more information about all of these products and more, please visit

Created on: Apr 7, 2020
Last updated on: Apr 15, 2024


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