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Benefits of backing up quickbooks to a remote machine.

Many small businesses use QuickBooks to manage bills and payments and other payroll functions. According to, there are more than 29 million small businesses who choose to use QuickBooks in the U.S. When working with QuickBooks, it's very important to make sure the data you have is secured. One way to do this is to create a backup of your QuickBook files.

QuickBooks provides backup features in two ways:

  • Local backups - Create backups on the same machine or a local drive. This can be configured manually or be scheduled.

  • Backup online - This will backup the files on a cloud system. The files are not backed up locally on the drive, but on Inuit's server.

Although QuickBooks have these backup options, they can be improved:

  • Local backups rely on the local drive. If the machine/portable drive breaks or gets stolen, the backup is immediately lost.

  • Backing up files online can be pricey. Inuit charges a monthly rate to keep your files on their server.

  • Another option is to use a less expensive cloud server that can back up your QuickBook files. However, this cannot be trusted since it is a 3rd party that will have access to your files.


Backing up to a remote machine

A more secure and efficient way to backup QuickBook files is to back them up to a remote machine Advantages of this method include:

  • Reliability - If the machine where QuickBooks is installed goes down, the remote machine will still have the files. This will be very helpful if you need to quickly restore the files to a new installation of QuickBooks on a different machine.

  • Privacy - On a remote machine, there's no 3rd party that has your files. This means no other vendor will be looking at your files. In addition, you have a much less chance of a data breach occurring since the files are still on your network.

  • Affordability - Backing up to Inuit's server costs an additional price to backup files. The price for this is 9.99 per month per machine. This can get costly if you have many users who need to push the files to another server.

Using Syncrify, this goal can be achieved. Syncrify is a multi-tier backup solution that makes sure your files are securely backed up privately. It is able to backup your important QuickBook files with relative ease to your remote machine. Its features include backing up using the rsync algorithm, encryption, ransomware prevention, and much more. Please see for more details


When using QuickBooks, it's essential to make sure the files you have are kept secure. A method of doing this is to make sure these files are backed up to another place. Because of this, the files should be backed up to a remote machine. Using a easy-to-use client to server backup solution will solve the goal of backing up files to another machine.

Created on: Sep 17, 2020
Last updated on: Jun 15, 2024


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