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New Features in v4.9

Release date: May 12, 2020

  • Ability to search files using the web interface. Details...
  • Wasabi has been added as a cloud provider
  • Improved reporting for Cloud snapshots
  • Several security updates
  • Ability to detect file copy and renames.Details... (v4.8)
  • Ability to take cloud snapshots. Supported targets are Amazon S3, Google Storage and Microsoft Azure. Click here for details. ((v4.4)
  • Ability to detect ransomware. Click here for details. ((v4.4)
  • Completedly redesigned web interface for Syncrify Server ((v4.3)
  • Completedly redesigned GUI for Syncrify Client ((v4.2)
  • Ability to run File-Diff report from the server's end ((v4.1)
  • Embedded HTTP Server is upgraded
  • Inactivity report ((v3.1)
  • Backup activity report via email ((v3.1)


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