We provide two options to our partners:

Option 1 - Providing a cloud backup service

Do you provide consulting services to other small or mid-sized companies? If yes, you can make some extra money by providing them a remote backup service that runs in a private cloud running on your end.

Here is how this works
  • You install Syncrify in your office in a secure manner.
  • Configure the network firewall in your office so users from the Internet can connect to Syncrify running inside your network.
  • Have your clients backup their files to your computer accessing it over the Internet
  • You charge a monthly fee from your client for providing a remote backup service.
  • You pay us a one-time fee for using our software

In short, you use our product to provide a remote backup service to your client.

How much can you earn?

  • Client as well as server side branding
  • Provide a backup service to your private cloud
  • Per user cost is around $15/user, which is a one-time fee
This depends on how much you charge your clients. Consider the following scenario
  • You purchase an ISP edition from us for $1,960 and get 100 licenses.
  • You know 5 companies with 10 employees each and want to offer them a cloud based remote backup services
  • You charge $10/month for each user, adding up to $500 a month for 50 users
  • You cover the cost of Syncrify within 3 months and have only used half of its licenses.
  • Revenue generated after that is yours to keep

How do you get started?

  • Download and install Syncrify on a machine in your company
  • Add plenty of hard-drive space to hold the data that will be backed up
  • Install Syncrify client application on the end-client's computer and schedule the backup.
  • Once satisfied with how Syncrify works, purchase the ISP edition of Syncrify, start signing up customers and make money selling a service.

Option 2 - Reselling Syncrify

This option is for companies that do not want to provide a service to the end user but want to generate revenue by reselling Syncrify. In this case, Syncrify server runs on the end-user's network. You introduce our product to companies you know and generate extra cash.

It does not matter how much you charge for a license to the end-user.

Following points lay down our policy regarding such partnership.

  • The reseller purchases a set of 100 licenses at a time. The total cost will be $1,960.
  • These will be machine-licenses, allowing them to backup up to 100 machines.
  • Reseller can split up the license anyway they want. For example:

    • Syncrify server running at Client A - 20 machine licenses
    • Syncrify server running at Client B - 30 machine licenses
    • Syncrify server running at reseller's location - 20 machine licenses
    • 30 machine-licenses are free for future allocation

  • Although licenses are purchased based on the number of client machines, they are applied to Syncrify Server. In the above example, there will be 3 machines running Syncrify server: Client A, Client B and a machine inside reseller's network.

  • We will provide a website allowing the reseller to purchase new license and append additional clients to existing clients. For example, the reseller will be able to perform the following tasks:

    • Add 10 licenses to Client C, which is a brand new client.
    • Add 5 licenses to Client A in additional to what they previously had.

  • After adding 10 license for Client C and 5 for Client A, 15 licenses will remain free for future allocation.

  • IMPORTANT: The support contract for every license must be renewed together and is tied to initial purchase date. For example, if the initial 100 licenses were purchased on January 01, 2012, the support will expire on January 01, 2013. If support contract is not renewed, non of the servers will be able to get free upgrades.

Custom Website

Having a professional website is necessary If you are a small company wanting to start your own backup service. To help you get started quickly, we have created a template website called Efficient Backup. You can freely use the contents available on this template site to create your own site.

How do you get started?

Fill out the form below if you wish to resell Syncrify.

Note:This form is only required if you wish to resell Syncrify (Option 1). There is no need to fill this form if you are planning to provide a service based on Syncrify (Option 2). In that case, simply purchase an ISP edition.
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