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Subject:How to upgrade Syncrify server and client to the latest version
Creation date:7/11/11 3:49 PM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:57 PM

Upgrading Syncrify to a new version

Starting from v3.3 the Syncrify client is updated automatically when the server is upgraded, provided you are using the service-based client.

Upgrading Syncrify Server

Do NOT uninstall and reinstall Syncrify Server. Installing the Syncrify server again will overwrite your existing configuration, including users.
We recommend you always use the latest version of the Syncrify server as well as client. The following steps demonstrate how to check if an upgrade is available and apply it.

Steps to upgrade server

  • Connect to Syncrify server's web interface as admin
  • Click Check for upgrades link appearing under Quick Links on the right hand side. See image below.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen to download and install the new upgrade.

Upgrading Syncrify Client

IMPORTANT: If you have created a branded client using the ISP edition you must recreate this client using the web interface of your Syncrify server.

Steps to upgrade client

User data is preserved when Syncrify client is reinstalled.
  • Using a web browser connect to Syncrify server from the client machine
  • Click Download client under Quick Links on the home page
If you are running Syncrify version 3.0 or above, you can click the Backup client update icon to check for new versions.

User comments

Posted by dimitry on 6/2/12 3:19 PM

An auto update system would be very nice and not so hard to implement I think ? Certainly if like us we have a 100 users per server...

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