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Subject:Syncrify client does not upgrade automatically
Creation date:10/28/12 8:08 AM
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Syncrify client does not upgrade

Starting from v3.3, the service based client should automatically upgrade themselves when the server is upgraded. Consider the following reasons if a client cannot upgrade itself.


You must use the service-based client for auto-update to occur. Integrated clients cannot upgrade themselves.
Reason 1 - Server cannot see the client
Ensure the Syncrify server can communicate with the client machine. This is done by logging in the web interface as admin, clicking Remote Clients under Quick Links and ensuring you see the client among the list.

Check the following if the client is not visible in this list:
  • Backup monitoring service is running on the client machine
  • There is network connectivity between the client and server machine
  • There must at least be one profile on the client referring to your server
Reason 2 - Custom client
If you are using a branded version of the Syncrify client, you must rebrand it after upgrading the server. If you have configured branding to occur automatically, the Syncrify server will attempt to brand the client after an upgrade. To ensure branding is done successfully, look for SyncrifyClient.jar in $INSTALL_DIR\customClient folder. Files are downloaded in this folder during the branding process and are sent to the client upon request.

When branding is not used, a generic version of SyncrifyClient.jar will exist in $INSTALL_DIR\customClient folder. Clients won't be able to upgrade themselves if you don't see SyncrifyClient.jar in this folder.
Reason 3 - File in use
The Syncrify client won't be able to upgrade itself if an instance is running on the machine. If you are certain a copy of Syncrify client is not running, try restarting the client machine to see if that fixes the problem.

Manually Patching Clients

If for any reason the above tips are not helpful, you can always manually patch the clients by following instructions below.

  • Download the latest file from http://YourServerHost:5800/app?operation=dnci&type=jar. This will download a file called SyncrifyClient.jar
  • Rename this file from SyncrifyClient.jar to clientRT.jar. This name is case-sensitive
  • Manually copy clientRT.jar to $DATA_FOLDER\patches directory
  • This file should disappear from $DATA_FOLDER\patches directory in a couple of minutes. If it does not disappear, check $DATA_FOLDER\logs\BKServ.log for errors.

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