Syncrify Troubleshooting Guide


Check the services of the machine and make sure that Backup Monitor service is running. This service controls your scheduled backups.


Depending on which type of Linux machine you have you may have to look in different places. However, start by checking the script that runs the backup. Make sure that this script uses Absolute Paths for all variables, including the path to Java, the path to SyncrifyClient.jar, and potentially the path to the data folder.

Checkout this page for more information on moving the data folder: Moving Data Folder


If your automatic backups are not running, the OS could be blocking it. First try running it as root by following the instructions here: How to run Mac Client as Root

Check out our page on troubleshooting backup times here: Troubleshooting Long Backup Times

First, check to ensure that the service Syncrify is running on your server machine.

If it is, follow the troubleshooting steps here: Syncrify Restart Issues

Syncrify Server

Follow the instructions here: Moving Syncrify Server to a New Machine

Syncrify Client Profiles

For Syncrify Client profiles, as well as restoring files to a new machine, follow the instructions here: Moving Client Profiles and Data to a new Machine

If you get an error while trying to restart regarding MD5ís, open your patches folder:

  • $InstallDir/Syncrify/patches
  • Then delete every file Except AppLauncher.jar. This file is necessary.
  • Try checking for updates again.

If the server fails to start up, follow the instructions here: Troubleshooting Restart Issues


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