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Subject:Running Syncrify Client as root on Mac OS X
Creation date:5/15/18 12:20 PM
Last modified on:5/15/18 12:20 PM

Running Syncrify Client as root on Mac

Syncrify Client does not run as root on Mac by default. Use this page to force Syncrify Client to run under root account.

Why run as root?

Three components are installed when you install Syncrify Client:

  • A background service that triggers the actual backup and pings the Syncrify Server once every 60 seconds.
  • The GUI - used to configure profiles
  • A small icon in the Status Menu that display the status of a running job
To run the background service at startup, Syncrify adds a plist file in ~/Library/LaunchAgents folder. Since this file is in user's home directory, the service does not start unless the user logs in. This scheme works if the machine is being used by a single user.

If this service is run under root account, it will start as soon as the machine boots up. No user is required to log in.

Steps to run service as root


The following steps will only work on build 966 and above.
  • Copy in /Applications folder
  • Start Syncrify Client. Click Unregister Service under Tools menu. You do not have to do anything if the menu item says Register Service instead.
  • Click Open Data Folder under File menu. Create a new file called runAsRoot.txt (this is case sensitive). The content of this file is irrelevant.
  • Exit Syncrify Client
  • Open Terminal
  • Type sudo /Applications/ in Terminal. Enter the password. This start Syncrify Client GUI
  • Click Register Service under Tools menu
  • Exit Syncrify Client

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