Syncrify Version 4.2 (Beta)

Version 4.2 of Syncrify is now available as a beta release. This version will have the following new features:
  1. A Brand New Client GUI - The client GUI is completely re-written. Click here for details.
  2. Default Folders - Ability to define a set of pre-determined folders that are added when Syncrify Client is first installed/used on a new machine. This feature allows a company to set a policy across their company to backup certain folders.

How safe is it to use this beta release in a production environment?

This new version is primarily based on a newer client GUI, which does not affect how backups work in the background. Therefore, even if there are bugs in the interface, backups that run in the background will not be affected.


The newer GUI uses JRE 1.8 to run. Depending upon when you first installed Syncrify Client, it may be possible that the version of JRE installed along with Syncrify Client is older than 1.8. Updates to Syncrify Client do not automatically update JRE. Version 4.2 and above are designed to run the older GUI if the JRE version is older than 1.8.

You will have to download and install Syncrify Client again on the machine if you are using an older version of JRE. Follow the steps below to accomplish this.
  • Download appropriate installer from the list below.
  • Uninstall the existing Client. This will NOT remove any of your profiles, which are stored in the DATAFOLDER and not the Installation Folder.
  • Reinstall the newer client


It is recommended you first upgrade Syncrify Server, let this new version get pushed to the client and only follow these instructions IF you still see the older GUI.

Downloading version 4.2 beta

Click here to download this build and follow these instructions to apply the patch.


This new build also changes how branding works. Rather than rebuilding the entire installer set, v4.2 will only rebuild on file: SyncrifyClient.jar. Once this file is rebuilt, individual client machines will be able to upgrade themselves. Check this page for details.


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