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SynaMan is an ideal remote file-transfer/sharing solution for individuals as well as corporate users, offering a cost-effective way to quickly and easily transfer files of any type and size to any machine running a variety of operating systems.
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Design Benefits

Transfer large files
Users can upload or download files from the host machine using their browser. These files are transferred from pre-defined shared folders that are created by the administrator.
Access files from anywhere
Access your files from any computer with a browser as well as devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Amazon Kindle and Windows mobile. You can even send emails containing large attachments right from your phone.
Global access, anywhere, anytime
Access important files from your office or home machine from anywhere. The intuitive web interface allows you to move, copy, download and upload files as if you are working locally.
Public links
Using public links you can have your clients or other business associates transfer files from your machine without having to create a user account for them. Read more...
Modify the name and logo that appears on the screen to give a more personal touch to your clients. Read more...
Embedded SMTP server
An embedded SMTP server allow users to send emails with large attachments. This SMTP server extracts the attached files and creates a public link that can be downloaded by the recipients using a web browser. Read more...
Remote Clipboard
Users can easily copy, cut and paste files on the host machine using the remote clipboard operations. This allows users to move files from one folder to another on the host machine from any remote location.
Easily zip and unzip files on the host machine from a remote location, allowing users to compress files before transferring them over the Internet saving tremendous amount of network traffic and time.

Product vs Service
SynaMan is a product, not a service. This means you purchase it once and use it forever with an option to invest in a perpetual license.


Actual file transfers as well as any administrative task can be optionally encrypted using SSL. A self-signed SSL certificate comes bundled with the product that gets you up and running within minutes.

Additionally, the SSL ciphers used by SynaMan can be restricted to FIPS 140-2 approved list provided by NIST.

Active Directory Integration
Integrate SynaMan with Active Directory running on your domain controller. This provides two benefits: no need to explicitly create users and synchronize passwords.
Single Sign-On
Integrate SynaMan an Identify Server that support OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect to provide a seamless single sign-on solution. Read more...
User accounts
Create unlimited user accounts, which are protected by user id and passwords. Administrators can associate multiple shared folders to these accounts with customizable read/write access.
IP Restriction
User access can be restricted by IP addresses for further security.
Audit Trail
Using built-in audit trail and logging mechanism administrator can easily back-track any user's activity in the past. Using the audit trail log you can answer questions like who logged into the system and what did they do.
Security alerts
The system automatically sends email alerts to the administrator when a security violation occurs. For example, an alert is generated when someone tries to login with incorrect password more than 5 times.
Download notifications
Notification messages can be sent via email when someone uploads or downloads files from a specified folder. This is a handy feature if you are using SynaMan as a central repository for a project.

Works with any operating system
SynaMan can be installed on any operating system including Microsoft Windows, Linux, MacOSX, BSD and UNIX.

100% Web Based
Upload and download files using a web browser. No other software is required on the client end. Works with all popular browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome.
Easy to install
Installing SynaMan is very easy. Simply download the installer and run it. An interactive wizard will guide you through the setup process. Within minutes you can have your clients/colleagues transfer files.
No other software is required to run SynaMan. There is no need to configure any web, database, or FTP server. Everything required to run SynaMan is included and gets configured automatically during installation.
IP Discovery
Use our free IP discovery service to locate your machine on the Internet if you are using SynaMan on a dynamic IP address, such as home.
Email Alerts
Important email alerts are sent to the administrator when suspicious activity is observed on the host machine. For example, an alert is generated if someone tries to guess a user's password.
Auto Updates
SynaMan automatically checks for new releases and bug fixes and updates itself on a regular basis. Once the updates are downloaded and verified, they get applied to the running instance without any human interaction.

User friendly interface
The web interface exposed by SynaMan is AJAX enabled, providing a smooth and user-friendly environment to work with. Users see files and folders as they appear on their local machine.
All you need is a browser
Since SynaMan is a 100% web-based solution, all you need is a browser to connect, administer and transfer files.


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