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Subject:Partial Branding in SynaMan
Creation date:12/17/09 4:49 PM
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Partial Branding for SynaMan

SynaMan offers two types of branding:
  • Partial Branding - available in Professional edition
  • Total Branding - available in Enterprise edition. More info...

This page talks about partial branding that allow you to put your company logo or a custom text in the upper left hand corner of the web interface, giving your users an impression that they are connecting to a website belonging to you. Click the image on the right to enlarge a sample screen shot.


  1. SynaMan Professional. Branding is not allowed in SynaMan Personal edition
  2. You must be using version 2.7 build 1337 or above. For older builds click here


The following steps demonstrate how to brand your copy of SynaMan.
  1. Login as admin to SynaMan's web interface
  2. Click Advanced Configuration under Quick Links.
  3. Select the tab for Branding SynaMan
  4. You can either select a text for your company name or display your company logo. See image below.

  5. Create custom images and save them in $INSTALL_DIR/branding folder, where $INSTALL_DIR refers to the path where SynaMan is installed.
  6. Click Apply when done.

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