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Subject:Installing Syncrify on other operating systems
Creation date:5/19/10 9:45 AM
Last modified on:7/21/10 9:13 AM

Installing Syncrify client on other OS

There is no installer for Syncrify client on Linux, UNIX, MAC OSX and BSD. Simply download the necessary file to the client machine and run the script.
  • Download the client file
  • Unzip to extract the following files
    • SyncrifyClient.jar

  • Use the following command to run the client
    • $INSTALLDIR/  ($INSTALLDIR is the directory where file is located)
If you get an error saying is not an executable, type the following commend and then try again.

chmod +x

Click here for instructions on how to use Syncrify Client

User comments

Posted by Mani Bhushan on 8/18/13 2:10 AM

Hi, I have syncrify server windows based and also two client on windows based but i want to install client on centos os so can it possible windows based server and client based centos

Posted by Matthew on 6/9/10 6:18 PM

So this is not working for OSX 10.6.3 I am (and others I found on the net) having issues with /etc/init.d/ bash-3.2# sh [.] Installing Syncrify. [.] Please specify, installation directory or leave blank for default -n Please enter (e.g. /opt/): [.] Installation directory = /opt/ -n [.] Unzipping Syncrify.tar.gz file... [OK] [.] Creating /opt/Syncrify/ folder... -n [.] Extracting Syncrify.tar file... [OK] [.] Setting current working directory... -n [.] Installing Syncrify service... [OK] -n [.] Syncrify service activated on boot... line 125: chkconfig: command not found [OK] -n [.] line 137: /etc/init.d/syncrify: Not a directory [OK] attempt to manually start: bash-3.2# ./syncrify start Starting Synametrics File Manager... ./syncrify: line 160: /opt/Syncrify/lib/wrapper: cannot execute binary file ./syncrify: line 160: /opt/Syncrify/lib/wrapper: Unknown error: 0 bash-3.2# pico syncrify

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