Enhanced Backup Reports

Email reports are generated after every backup job. Version 5.0 takes these reports to the next level. Every backup report now contains the following information:

Time Summary:Start time, elapsed time and status is displayed towards the top
Total bytes transferred:Shows the amount of data transferred over the network, which could be significantly less than your entire backup set for subsequent backups.
Bandwidth savings:This value contains the amount of network bandwidth saved when you use Delta Backup for backup type. When added with Total bytes transferred this represents the total size that would have been transferred if Delta Backup type was not in use.
Total files:Total number of files that were transferred in either direction.
Total errors:Number of errors occurred. Refer to the logs on Syncrify Client for details about these errors.
Deleted files:Number of files deleted (or marked for deletion) from the destination when they were deleted from source.
Entire files:Number of files that were transferred completely. In other words, a copy did not exist on the server and therefore, Delta Backup was not used.
Partial (delta) filesNumber of files where Delta Backup was used and therefore, network bandwidth was saved.
Restored files:Number of files that were restored from Syncrify Server to Syncrify Client.
Total Disk Usage/Quota:Display the total amount of disk space used by this user in every profile on Syncrify Server. When quota is specified for the user, you will see this value along with the allowed quota.
Profile Disk Usage:Disk space used by the current profile on Syncrify Server..

Other Configurable Options

Summarized Reports

Reports could get significantly large if every file is displayed on a large backup set. When reports are summarized, you only get the summary of the report rather than every file name. This reduces the email size significantly. Follow the steps below to configure to enable this option:

  • Open Syncrify Client
  • Click Tools/Options on the main menu
  • Click Summarized Reports
  • Save
Alternative Recipient

By default, reports are sent to the user configured to run the job. You can optionally define a different email address by following the steps below:

  • Open Syncrify Client
  • Select the desired Profile
  • Click Configuration Tab and select Advanced
  • Specify another email address for the Send email report to field
  • Save

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