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Subject: Why do I get a warning in my browser after enabling SSL
Creation date: 12/11/11 8:57 AM
Last modified on: 12/14/18 11:39 AM

Why do I get an SSL warning?

You want to use SSL (HTTPS) in Syncrify but are getting a warning message in your browser after changing the protocol to HTTPS. For example:
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You see a similar warning message in your browser.


HTTPS requires a valid certificate from a CA (certificate authority) that makes the communication between client and server secure. When you enable HTTPS in Syncrify, your copy of Syncrify downloads a test certificate from our website. Although this test certificate is good enough to encrypt the data, it is not trusted by the browser. There are three problems with this certificate:
  • It is not signed by a CA. Instead, it is self-signed
  • It does not belong to your domain name
  • It is expired
If any of these conditions are not satisfied, you will receive a warning message in your browser. Although we can create new certificates every 60 days to meet the third requirement, you will still get a warning if the first two conditions are not met.

The purpose of this certificate is to get you up and running with HTTPS (SSL) in minutes. You can even run backups using this self-signed certificate.

If you are providing a backup service to your clients, we recommend purchasing a certificate from a CA before going into production.

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