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Document ID: 3516
Subject: No files are copied even if some where modified
Creation date: 5/22/14 8:52 AM
Last modified on: 12/12/18 3:26 PM

No files are transferred even when modified

There are a couple of reasons why Syncrify won't backup files even if they have been modified on a client machine. Consider the following tips if you are running into such problem.

Invalid selection filter

Ensure you have not specified an invalid selection filter. A common mistake that many users make is to specify an opposite filter. For example, if your intention is to ignore *.tmp amd *.bak files, the correct syntax for such filter is: ^*.tmp|^*.bak If you omit the starting ^ character, you will end up creating an opposite filter that will only backup *.tmp and *.bak files and ignore everything else.

Additionally, filters can be created on the client as well as server side. Refer to this page for details about selection filters.

Stale/corrupted folder cache

If the folder cache is somehow corrupted on the client machine, Syncrify may think files have not been modified and won't back them up as a result.

Try running a backup on a selected folder to confirm the issue is not related to folder cache. Follow the steps below:
  • Start Syncrify Client
  • Navigate to a deeper folder on the tree control.
  • Ensure you see at least one red or blue file in the folder indicating something has been modified
  • Select the folder, click the right mouse button and select Backup/Selected Folder. Click here for a screen shot.


Ensure the user running backup has read permission to the files. Check the logs on the client machine to ensure you do not see permission related errors.

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