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Subject: Integrating Syncrify with a NAS device
Creation date: 5/13/11 1:16 PM
Last modified on: 3/29/15 3:15 PM

Install Syncrify right on your NAS device. Recommended
Most NAS appliances are nothing but a Linux machine with plenty of hard disk. If you have Terminal access to this device (you can open an SSH or Telnet session), you should be able to install Syncrify right on this machine. Depending upon the type of Linux distribution used, you may or may not have to install Java. Refer to this page to see how to install Java and Syncrify on a FreeNAS device.

Some commercial NAS devices allow custom packages. For instance, a package for QNAP can be downloaded from our download page.

Refer to this page if you are using Synology.
Mounting a remote drive - This option is not recommended
Mount the drives in your NAS device on any other Linux machine and then install Syncrify on this intermediary machine. Keep the following point in mind if you decide to use a Windows machine as this intermediary. Mapped drives on Windows are not available to applications  that run as a service. Therefore, you will have to use UNC style path to refer to the drive on your NAS device. Additionally, you have to configure the remote NAS drive in a way that it does not prompt for login Id and passwords

Although it is possible to configure Syncrify server on one machine and putting the repository on another machine across the network, this approach is strongly discouraged. This is because there will be too much network traffic between the machine where Syncrify is running and disk is. A slight problem in the network will cause errors in Syncrify. Additionally, block matching occurs on the server machine when versioning is enabled. Matching blocks over a network connection is a very expensive task in terms of I/O and will slow down your backups significantly.

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