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Subject:Syncrify creates empty folders with no files in them
Creation date:11/14/14 3:41 PM
Last modified on:12/13/18 12:05 PM

Syncrify creates empty folders

Consider the following possible reasons if Syncrify creates folders on the server but no files are being copied.
  • Ensure you have not specified a selection filter. There are two types of selection filter:
    1. Server-side filters
    2. Client-side filters
    One common mistake administrators make is to create opposite filters. For example, if the end goal is to skip *.TMP and *.MOV files, they end up creating a filter that reads:


    This filter will perform exactly opposite of what the intended behavior it - meaning it will only backup *.TMP and *.MOV.

    The correct value for the filter in this case should be:


  • Another reason for such problem is related to a permission issue. Ensure the log ID running Syncrify Server has enough permission on the server side to modify files.

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