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Document ID: 1959
Subject: Forcing clients to use a selection filters from server
Creation date: 2/15/12 11:15 AM
Last modified on: 11/12/18 12:45 PM

Server side selection filters

Often administrators want clients to exclude certain files from backing up. Consider a scenario where you do not want your users to backup movies and music files. Using server-side filters you can force every Syncrify client to skip *.mov and *.mp3 files.

There are two types of selection filters on the server:
Global selection filter
This is a convenient way of specifying a selection filter for every client. To add a Global Selection Filter:
  • Login as admin
  • Click Configuration
  • Click Advanced Configuration
  • Specify a value for Global Selection Filter
User specific filter
These filters are use specify and only affect one user. This filter takes precedence over Global Selection Filter. This means meaning if you specify a selection filter for a user, value for global filter is ignored for that user.
  • Login as admin
  • Click Manage Users
  • Click Modify link for the desired user
  • Specify a value for Selection Filter


Example 1 - prevent every user from backing up *.MOV and *.MP3 files.
Example 2 - Mary Jane is a special person and you want her to backup MP3 and MOV files but deny everyone else.

To accomplish this, you add the following selection filter for Mary Jane.
This rule means ignore files with *.SomeGarbageExtension, which most likely won't match any file, but is enough to ignore the Global Selection Filter.

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