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Subject:CPU utilization when using Syncrify
Creation date:2/7/14 5:28 AM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:05 PM

CPU utilization

Often users complain about high CPU usage when using Syncrify. This behavior is normal as long as the CPU eventually comes down. It is a problem if you see the CPU pinned at 100% for a longer period of time.

Syncrify uses the Rsync algorithm during backup, which minimizes network traffic at the cost of local disk I/O and CPU usage. It is normal to see high CPU utilization during the block matching process. However, once the block matching is over the CPU utilization should come down.

High CPU utilization can occur on both client and server. Syncrify is designed to match blocks on the client machine, not the server. This leaves the server CPU free under normal circumstances. However, block matching occurs twice when versioning is enabled - once on client and then again on the server causing a high CPU usage on the server side.

It is important to note that most modern operating systems will run just fine even when CPU is pinned at 100% utilization. This is because the OS will ensure that every process on the OS gets equal chance to run. Therefore, even if one process requires more CPU power, other processes won't starve.

A more important metrics to watch is processor queue, which indicates if other processes are suffering due to high CPU usage. In fact, if your processor queue is zero or close to zero and CPU is pinned around 100%, that means your machine efficiency is very close to 100%.

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