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Benefits of remote backup with Syncrify

The loss of your critical business data or information can be disastrous. Historically, data backups on dispersed networks, servers, desktop computers and laptops, present significant technical and logistical challenges. Syncrify enables your business to backup securely, automatically and reliably, sending your critical data backups offsite to your data center that can be located anywhere on the Internet.

Quite simply, the computers that businesses depend on are all susceptible to a wide variety of potential data loss problems including: Lost data, virus attacks, systems or application failures, file corruption, hard drive crashes, human error and more etc...

Remarkably, every PC and server experiences one or more of these issues at some point during its usable life, causing both the business and staff to feel the effects.

These types of issues are efficiently and easily resolved once a business recognizes that PC problems and consequent data losses are both predictable and certain. The solution is to deploy an enterprise-wide online data backup system that eliminates these problems with a single proven technology. Thus ensuring that all dispersed networks, servers, desktops and laptops have their data backups properly protected and available for restore 24 hours a day, to any machine, any location.

Unlike regular data backup software, Syncrify doesn't send backups to media attached to the computer it is backing up. Instead, remote backup uses a network connection to send the backup to another computer. Fully automated, it typically sends the backup at night so the computers aren't being used. Backups are becoming more and more vital as business depend more upon computers and the data they store. Night after night, many businesses takes vast risks and are not even aware of it.

Although local backups are very important and should be performed periodically, it is important for companies to equally invest in remote backup technologies, which provide additional benefits that are not available with local backups. For example,
  • Protection against fire or theft
  • Remote access to backed up data from any location
  • Selective file restore

How is Syncrify different from other solutions

There are two features in Syncrify that sets it apart from any other backup solution:
  1. Use of HTTP(S) protocol - click here for details.
  2. Copying just the changes - click here for details


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