Benefits of using HTTP(S)

Backing up files using the HTTP(S) protocol offers several benefits over using conventional backup. In fact, this is the feature that separates us from other backup solutions out there in the market.

The following is a list of some of the benefits of using HTTP(S) as transport protocol.

  • Over the Internet - Using Syncrify you can perform remote backups of any machine to a remote location of your choice

  • Secure - When using HTTPS, data across the network is completely secure using industry standard SSL encryption.

  • Firewall friendly - Most companies allow HTTP(S) traffic through their company firewall. Reducing tremendous amount of network administration.

  • Easy Access - Backed up files can be easily accessed either from the custom Syncrify Client or from a web browser. Since the Syncrify server can talk to any HTTP(S) client, all you need is a browser to view/restore your backed up files.

Usage Scenarios

Consider the following scenarios where you can efficiently use Syncrify.
  • Service to your clients - If you are responsible for maintaining computer for a small company and want to offer a remote backup server to your client, Syncrify is the best solution for needs. Simply install Syncrify in your office and have your clients backup their data files to your location. You pay a one-time fee for the software but can charge a monthly recurring fee from your clients.

  • Remote backup - Companies with geographically dispersed office locations can have their employees backup their files in a central location in their data center.



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