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Subject: Backing up Syncrify itself
Creation date: 7/1/13 4:45 PM
Last modified on: 12/11/18 11:44 AM

Backing up Syncrify Server itself

Syncrify is a great tool to backup data. However, you should also consider backing up Syncrify itself. This page talks about the step required to backup Syncrify Server.

What to backup

The most important folder in Syncrify is the $INSTALL_DIR\config folder, where $INSTALL_DIR is the location on the disk where Syncrify is installed. If you have the contents of this folder saved on a different machine, rebuilding Syncrify Server is very easy after a server crash.

Syncrify Server automatically backups the config folder every day. The backed up data is zipped into files that are located in the $INSTALL_DIR\config\archive folder and are named after weekdays. For example,, and so on. This allows you to restore the config folder as long as the disk is still accessible.

Steps to rebuild Syncrify Server after a crash

  • We recommend rebuilding it on a similar operating system
  • Install Syncrify Server on the new machine
  • Stop Syncrify Server Service
  • Replace the entire config folder with the original copy
  • Start Syncrify

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