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Subject:How to fix No space left on device error
Creation date:4/6/16 9:04 AM
Last modified on:12/12/18 3:30 PM

No space left on device


During backups you see an error that reads:
No space left on device 


There are couple of reasons you could see this error:
  • You are running out of disk space
  • You are using a disk over a channel (such as iSCSI) that is no longer available or is running into problems.

How to fix

You can run out of disk space on both client and/or server side.

Syncrify Server

There are 3 possible locations where you could run out of disk space:
  1. Installation folder - this is where logs and reports are stored
  2. Repository path where user's files are stored
  3. TEMP folder - temporary area used for computing deltas

Locating the TEMP folder

Use the following steps to locate the TEMP folder:
  • Login to the web interface using the admin account
  • Click About
  • Manually change the URL in the browser from:
  • Look for the parameter on the following page. It contains the path where TEMP folder is located.
  • Click here to change the location of the TEMP folder in Syncrify Server.

Syncrify Client

There are 3 possible locations on the client as well:
  1. Installation folder
  2. Data Folder
  3. Temp Folder - temporary area used for computing deltas

Locating the TEMP folder

  • Open Syncrify Client GUI
  • Click Options under Tools on the main menu
  • Modify the location of the Temp file path
The actual value for this configuration is saved in ClientConfig.xml file, which is found in the Data Folder.

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