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Document ID: 1808
Subject: Changing the location of the temp folder in Syncrify
Creation date: 7/11/11 12:18 PM
Last modified on: 11/12/18 12:04 PM

Changing the location of the temp folder.

Syncrify often saves files in the TEMP folder during a backup. The easiest way to find the path for this TEMP folder is to:
  • Login to the web interface as admin
  • Manually modify the URL so the operation is debug. For example,
  • Search for parameter.

We strongly recommend you put the TEMP folder and user repository on the same volume. This means if the user repository is on F: drive, the TEMP folder should also be on the same drive.

During backups Syncrify downloads the delta from the client and merges it with the actual file on the server. This merging is done in the TEMP folder. Once merging is complete, the final file is moved to the appropriate location. If the TEMP folder and user repository is on the same volume, Syncrify is able to move the file rather than copy, which can save significant I/O.

Steps to move the TEMP folder

  • Locate the installation folder of Syncrify
  • Locate the config folder, which is a sub-folder within the installation folder.
  • Create a text file called and type the following line in this file.
    VERY IMPORTANT: The config folder may have another file called Make sure you modify and NOT

  • Here F:/temp is the location of the new temp folder.
  • Restart Syncrify after creating this file
IMPORTANT Ensure the path for the new location exists on your machine.

User comments

Posted by Rick L on 3/27/12 2:20 PM

To change the Temp file directory for a Syncrify CLIENT machine. add to/edit C:\ProgramFiles\SyncrifyClient\SyncrifyClient.lax\temp

Posted by Richard Maidment on 3/21/19 3:19 AM

You need to be careful with the default temp directory on a QNAP. Syncrify uses /tmp by default. This directory is actually a ramdisk and is restricted to 64mb in size. I found that this limit was breached and it caused other issues on the QNAP. In particular the temperature monitoring stopped and the fan monitor reported a failure. I created a tmp directory off the Syncrify directory as per the article and normality returned.

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