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Subject: Connecting to Syncrify as administrator
Creation date: 5/20/10 4:26 AM
Last modified on: 12/11/18 12:08 PM

Connecting as admin

admin is a special account in Syncrify. This account is used to modify configuration parameters and add/remove users from the system. This account is automatically created when you install Syncrify and cannot be removed.

The top-level menu bar changes in the web interface and includes additional links when you connect as admin. These links are used to manage the server.

The following security measures are recommended for the admin account

  • Modify the account password frequently to avoid misuse
  • Consider restricting admin access to localhost, which will deny access to Syncrify if a client is connecting from any other machine but the machine where Syncrify is installed

Admin Password

You will not be able to restore the password for the admin account from the web interface. This is done by design for security reasons. Instead, follow instructions on this page to reset the password.

User comments

Posted by Mani BHushan Mishra on 8/3/12 4:08 AM

Hi, I want to know then how will be delete some data from server data base Thanks, MB Mishra Mo- 9650239588

Posted by Kleber on 10/7/19 1:23 PM

Hello good afternoon. sorry for the bad english, i am from brazil and i am using google translator. I am an MSP and was looking for a cheap and quality solution when I came across syncrify, I found the form of licensing attractive. I started the tests and requested the trial key, but I am having some difficulties to schedule the backup with versioning, every time I perform the test it deletes the file from the server, already read the documentation and still did not get successful. Another difficulty I am in is activating snapshot with aws, always the error. Already tested the ID and key and works normally in another app. Could you please help me?

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