Top ten reasons why you should use WinSQL

There are many great reasons why you should be using WinSQL. Below we have comprised a list of our top 10.
  1. One tool that connects to every database - WinSQL is the only tool that you need to connect to all of the databases running in your company. It can be used to connect to heavy duty database management systems like Oracle, IBM DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase and Informix to small file based systems like Microsoft Access, Paradox, DBase and even plain text files.
  2. Several products bundled as features - WinSQL offers several features that are often bundled as a separate product by other competing solutions. For example, all the following features can be a product on their own:

    • Test data generation
    • Importing and exporting data
    • Schema and data diff
    • Reverse engineering the database design
    • Offline backup and restore
  3. Cost - Our prices on software give users the best value for their money. We've made it easy for large corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, and government agencies to purchase our products in volume by offering them volume discounts.

    In fact, the Lite edition of our software is absolutely free. You can use this edition for as long as you like and it will never expire.
  4. Support - When you purchase our software, you are our highest priority, and we will provide fast turn-around time and more efficient ways to handle your problems. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, our team will be here to answer your questions. Unlike many companies that only offer email support, we offer a wide range of support options and let you choose the best option that meets your needs. Here is a list of support options that are available.

  5. ODBC Driver - ODBC drivers for major databases are shipped along with the product. These drivers are manufactured by DataDirect Technologies and are provided to you at no additional charge.
  6. Ease of use - Many wizards in WinSQL make tedious tasks easy. Using just a few mouse clicks, a novice user can create SQL Queries, insert or modify data in existing tables and even learn how to write SQL statements.
  7. Low cost training - By using WinSQL, your employees now only have to learn one tool rather than a different tool for every database. This dramatically reduces the learning curve and reduces your cost.
  8. Scalability - Scalability is a key component in WinSQL. Users can bring millions of rows returned from a query to import/export large datasets without running out of memory on the machine. Additionally, the multi-threaded architecture of WinSQL ensures that the user interface remains responsive at all times.
  9. Bug fixes are free - Minor updates that include bug fixes are available to all users at no additional charge.
  10. You talk, we listen - Most of the features you see in WinSQL were actual user requests that we incorporated in the product. Therefore, contact our support department if you see any feature that is missing from the product and we will be more than happy to assist you.


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