Differences between WinSQL for ODBC and JDBC

WinSQL and JaySQL are two separate products with similar names. WinSQL was introduced in 1997 and is used by over 250,000 users worldwide. JaySQL on the other hand, is a new addition (introduced in 2003) to our product family and is targeted towards developers using operating system other than MS Windows.

Here is a list of some differences

The most important difference in these products is that JaySQL can run on other platforms besides Windows, including Linux, Sun Solaris and Apple Mac.

JaySQL is a 100% pure Java solution that can run on any Java compatible platforms.

If you use the type-4 JDBC driver, WinSQL can talk directly to the database eliminating any bulky client side API. Usually these JDBC drivers are shipped as a few JAR files and therefore, it is very easy to setup

It is very easy to change the look and feel for JaySQL. Specify a

-DCustomLookAndFeel=<Class file for LookAndFeel>

as a command line parameter and modify how WinSQL screens appear.

Which product should I use?

  • If you plan to use WinSQL on any Microsoft platform (Win9x, NT, Win2000, XP or 2003), we recommend that you use WinSQL - it has more features than JaySQL
  • If you want a querying tool for Linux, Solaris, Mac, or any other platform use JaySQL
  • If you are a programmer working on any Java related project and want to use a JDBC driver instead of ODBC, use JaySQL.
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