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Subject:Volume shadow copy error 80042316 - Failed to start snapshot
Creation date:10/3/12 10:10 AM
Last modified on:12/14/18 11:08 AM

Volume shadow copy error 80042316

You see the following statement in the log files on the client side:
Unable to use VSS. Failed to start snapshot (80042316)


This problem typically occurs when some other program is using VSS for the same volume. Consider the following possible solution:
  • If some other program is running backup and has locked the volume, wait for it to finish and then restart Syncrify
  • Schedule the backup jobs so they don't overlap
  • Apply this as well as any other hotfix from Microsoft.
  • Perhaps a previous backup left VSS hanging. In that case, try using the following command to see how many shadows exist on the system. Open a command console and type the following line.
    vssadmin list shadows
    If you see a shadow copy from a previous job, try stopping the VSS service in control panel and see if that fixes it. If not, reboot the machine.

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