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Subject:Users disappeared in Syncrify
Creation date:12/18/13 5:54 AM
Last modified on:12/18/13 6:02 AM

My users disappeared

User information is stored in an XML file in Syncrify. This XML file is located in $INSTALL_DIR\config\UserMappings.xml. If for any reason this XML file gets corrupted, you won't see any users in Syncrify.

As a precaution, Syncrify makes a backup of the entire config folder into 7 zipped files (one for every weekday) that are found in $INSTALL_DIR\config\archives folder, allowing administrators to restore any file in case something goes wrong. You can restore UserMappings.xml file using the following steps below:

  • First, locate the last good backup. Extract the most recent zipped file and check if the length of UserMappings.xml is greater than a few KB. On Windows, the XML extension is typically associated with Internet Explorer, which does a good job of not only displaying XML content but also verifying it. If you get an error opening the XML file, move on to the previous backup.
  • Stop Syncrify Server if it is running
  • Replace the bad UserMappings.xml file from $INSTALL_DIR\config folder with a good one from the backup.
  • Restart Syncrify and verify the users are back.

A better approach

Consider using a relational database if you have many users in Syncrify. An RDBMS not only provides better storage, managing a large number of users is also easier. Click here for more information. 

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