Upcoming and Missed Jobs

Version 3.6 introduced a new report allowing administrators to see upcoming and missed backup jobs. This report is available from regular and mobile web interface.

Connect to the web interface using the admin account and click Reports. Then select the Upcoming and missed jobs. The report is order chronologically, displaying oldest records on top.

Missing entries in report

Consider the following reasons if you do not see an expected record in this report.
  • This report display data for service-based clients only, which is only available for Windows and Mac. Syncrify clients running on Linux/UNIX won't be displayed in this report.
  • If scheduling is disabled
  • An older client is used. This report is only available after version 3.6

Other caveat

Although the report takes care of time zones, it may display a skewed time for next/expected run if the clocks between client and server are not synchronized. Consider the following scenario as an example:
  • The Client machine is in New York and the clock says 12:06 PM
  • The Server machine is in Los Angeles and the clock says 9:00 AM
Since the two clocks are off by 6 minutes (besides the 3-hour time difference) the next run time will be off by six minutes.


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