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Subject:Time difference between files on client and server
Creation date:10/7/10 9:06 AM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:54 PM

Time difference between files

Aside from synchronizing data between client and server, Syncrify also preserves the last modified date of a file. However, files on the server are always stored in GMT time zone, whereas files on the client are stored in local time zone. This is done by design to accommodate situations where clients from different time zones connect to one server.

Although this design works in most cases, there may be instances where you would like the server to keep its local copy of every file in a time zone that matches with the client.

The following steps demonstrate how to force server to keep the files in the same time zone
  • Start Syncrify Client on the client machine
  • Select Open Data Folder under the File menu
  • Locate the desired profile file, which is your profile name followed by .syncrify extension. 
  • Open this file in any editor, such as Notepad on Windows or VI on Linux
  • Locate the line containing timeZoneOffset parameter.
  • Change its value to 0. For example, the line before modification may look like:


    The same line after modification may look like:


  • Save the file
  • Run Syncrify client if it is not running.
  • Select the profile that you just modified in Syncrify client
  • Select Initialize seeding under Tools menu and run seeding. This will modify the last modified date on the server.
  • Subsequent backup tasks will preserve the time on both ends.

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