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Subject:Timezone synchronization in Syncrify
Creation date:11/3/11 12:35 PM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:50 PM

Synchronize Time Zone


This page is now obsolete. Syncrify handles time zones automatically without changing any settings.
When this option is checked, files on the server will use the same time zone that is being used on the client. When this option is NOT checked, files on the server are stored using GMT time zone. To access this screen, click the More button under Advanced Tab. Click here for a screenshot.

Syncrify is designed to work across different time zones. Consider the following example:
  • You are using Syncrify to synchronize folders on machines around the world. The two-way sync feature is enabled. This means newer files will prevail
  • Machine A is in New York
  • Machine B is in California
The following table describes what happens at run-time:
Event Option is checked Option is not checked
A user in New York modifies a file at 3:00 PM EST. The last modified date (LMD) for this file on the server will 3:00 PM The last modified date (LMD) for this file on the server will be 8:00 PM since New York is on EST (-5 GMT)
A different user modifies the same file in California at 1:00 PM PST, which is 4:00 PM EST LMD on the server is 1:00 PM LMD on the server is 9:00 PM since PST is -8 GMT
A backup is run with two-way sync enabled File is copied from server to client. Changes made by the user in California are lost. File is copied from client to server.


  • Do NOT check this option if:
    • You have clients in different time zones AND
    • They use two-way sync to synchronize files.


Consider Initialize Seeding if you change this option, which will make sure the LMD on the server is correctly specified. Click Initialize Seeding under the Tools menu to start this process in Syncrify client.

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Posted by Rob Grattan on 8/15/13 12:45 AM

WHERE is this menu option? On the client or Server?

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