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Subject:Increasing the maximum memory used by Syncrify Server
Creation date:1/3/13 4:48 PM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:20 PM

Increasing maximum memory used

By default, the Syncrify server is configured to use a maximum of 512 MB ram. This number can be increased up to 1536 MB on a 32bit machine and up to 192 GB for machines running 64bit operating systems. Following steps demonstrate how to increase the default memory usage for Syncrify:
  • Stop Syncrify if it is running
  • Locate file in C:\Syncrify\config folder and open it in any editor like Notepad
  • Look for a line that says:
  • Change this line to represent the new value, for example:
    This will make the maximum memory to 2GB. Note, you should not change the maximum value to 2GB if you are running on a 32bit machine.
  • Save the file
  • Open a Console Windows (DOS), change the current directory to C:\Syncrify by typing:
    cd \Syncrify
  • Then, type the following:
    InstallService -uninstallService
    This will uninstall the Windows service.
  • Finally, type the following:
    InstallService -installService
    This will register Windows service again.


Do not allocate more than 1.5 GB ram on a 32bit version of Syncrify, even if you are using a 64bit OS. Allocating a higher number will result in errors during startup.

Consider using a 64bit version of Syncrify if you need to allocate more memory.

User comments

Posted by JoeBobby Lee on 11/6/14 3:35 PM

You have to set this in the file on a Mac!! Its in the directory! On linux change the!

Posted by joseph oliver on 10/4/14 8:24 AM

how do I do this on a MAC server?

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