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Subject:Privacy and security concerns when backing up important data
Creation date:2/8/13 10:27 AM
Last modified on:11/12/18 12:42 PM

Security and Privacy protection for backups

One of the most important differentiators between Syncrify and other backup services is privacy. Most online backup providers store your files on their network. Although most of them claim your files are safe, there is always a chance someone may be peeking at your data files. Moreover, files are typically stored in a shared location where hundreds and potentially thousands of users accounts exist.

Files never leave your network and no third party ever gets involved in handling your important data when you use Syncrify to backup your data. Besides the added security provided by your network firewalls, Syncrify can encrypt data during flight as well as on the disk.


En route communication between Syncrify client and server can be encrypted using SSL, which is the industry standard mechanism to secure data on the Internet. Using SSL, you can securely backup data from one office to another over the Internet without using VPN or other private networks.

AES encryption

Once data is copied over to the server side, it can be encrypted using strong 128 bit AES encryption, which is the highest level of encryption allowed by the US government without obtaining any special permission. The client can optionally encrypt their data using a pass-phrase. No one on the server side can view these files unless they know the pass-phrase.

Physical Security

Since no third-parties ever see your files, companies can provide additional measures to secure the physical location where data is stored. Features like gated perimeter access, electronic card key access and security cameras inside and outside the building are common practice implemented by many companies.

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