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Subject:Modifying repository path for a user
Creation date:9/9/11 9:54 AM
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Modifying repository path for a user

The current version of Syncrify does not allow modifying a repository path for a user. Later versions of Syncrify will handle this situation automatically. In the meantime, follow the steps below to manually modify the path.

  • Login to Syncrify's web interface using the admin account.
  • Click on Manage Users and notice the value for repository path for the user.
  • Manually copy the entire directory structure of this repository path to the new location of your choice.
  • Delete the existing user from Syncrify
  • Recreate the same user with a new repository path


Deleting a user will also remove the repository. Therefore, if you have a large dataset already backed up, consider moving the repository manually.

Manually moving user's repository path

  • Stop Syncrify Server
  • Locate $INSTALL_DIR\config\UserMappings.xml file and open it any editor
  • Make a backup of the file in case you need to rollback
  • Search for the older path and replace the value with newer location
  • Manually move the files to the newer location using the file copy mechanism on your operating system
  • Restart Syncrify Server
  • Login using the user's account and confirm you see the files.

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