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Subject:Modifying repository path for a user
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Modifying repository path for a user

Consider a scenario where you're backing up user's data to C:\Backup but are running out of room on your C drive. You want to move a few users to F:\Backup.

Assume you have two users in your system:

Login IDRepository PathPath on Disk

You want to move files belonging to Jane Doe to F:\Backup and leave John's files on the C: drive. Following table depicts the final location of the files.

Login IDRepository PathPath on Disk

Instructions For Moving The Repository

Following instructions assume you're using Syncrify Server on a Windows machine. Similar concepts apply on Linux, with the exception of actual location of the files.

  • Stop Syncrify Server
  • Locate $INSTALL_DIR\config\UserMappings.xml file and make a backup, in case you need to rollback. $INSTALL_DIR refers to the location where Syncrify is installed.
  • Open UserMappings.xml in any editor.
  • Search for repositoryPath. See image below for a screenshot.
  • Modify the value from C:\Backup to F:\Backup for Jane Doe.
  • Manually move the files C:\Backup\ to the F:\Backup\ using Windows File Explorer.
  • Restart Syncrify Server
  • Login using the user's account and confirm you see the files.

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