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Document ID: 2229
Subject: Guideline for modifying/deleting files from the server
Creation date: 12/6/12 9:34 AM
Last modified on: 11/12/18 12:27 PM

Modifying files on server

Often users want to modify/delete files in user's repository from the server's end. Consider the following rules and side effects before modifying files on the server.

The phrase "back door" refers to modifying files manually by accessing the disk on the machine where Syncrify server is running.

Two-way Sync
When two-way sync is used, the last modification always wins. Therefore, if you modify a file on the server from a back door, that file will get propagated to every node where Syncrify client is running. There are two exceptions to this rule:
  • If you delete a file from the server, it will get pushed back from a client. Syncrify client uses a local cache to determine if the file needs to be deleted or backed up. This cache is not available on the server and therefore, you cannot delete files manually from the server machine. If you need to delete files, delete it from a machine where Syncrify client is running.

  • If the client and server are in different time zones, the last modified date may change depending upon the difference in the time zone.
Folder cache
We strongly recommend against modifying files on the server when folder cache is used. Syncrify clients won't backup files that are modified on the server.
We strongly recommend against modifying files on the server when encryption is used. Modifying the contents of an encrypted file from a back door will result in data corruption.

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