Can I backup entire machine?

Although you can certainly backup an entire machine with Syncrify, we discourage this. Every computer contains data and programs, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, WinSQL, etc. When you backup the entire machine, programs and data gets backed up. If your machine crashes and you need to restore is from a backup, it is very likely your restored program won't work. There are several reasons for this:
  • The newer machine has different hardware from the older version of the software (video, printer drivers) does not recognize it

  • Important operating system files such as Windows Registry on the newer machine cannot be replaced by the older version

  • Many programs register components such as COM objects with the operating system, which is done during the installation process. These program won't work correctly on the new machine if you simply copy the installation folder.
A backup is valuable only if it can be restored

Therefore, we only recommend backing up your data files and install the programs when you build your machine.


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