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Licensing model in Syncrify

Syncrify comes in two editions:
  1. Syncrify Personal
  2. Syncrify Professional
    • User-base license
    • Client-machine based license
The personal edition is a freeware and can only be used for personal use. It cannot be used for commercial purposes.

The remainder of this document talks about Syncrify Professional. When you purchase a license for Syncrify you have a choice of purchasing a:

  • User-based license
  • Client-machine based license

Definition of a user based license

This type of license is associated with a user. Click here to learn what we mean by a user. This type of license allows a single user to backup his/her files from any number of clients. Consider the following scenario:

  • Mary is an employee in your company

  • She has three machines that needs to be backed up
    1. A desktop machine in her office
    2. A laptop that she uses when traveling
    3. Another desktop that she uses from her home

  • All three machines connect to a Syncrify server running in your company
In this example, you only need 1 user-license in order to backup all 3 machines. This is because the actual files are only owned by one individual.

When you purchase this type of license, Syncrify prompts you to purchase more licenses when you try to create additional users.

Definition of a client-machine based license

This type of license is designed to backup machines where it is hard to keep track of the users. A good example is a file server where several users share one file. In such cases you can purchase a client-machine license.

Following is true when you purchase a client-machine based license.
  • Number of client machines are restricted to the number of licenses you have. For example, if you purchase a 2 client-machine license, only 2 machines will be able to run Syncrify clients.

  • Number of users does not matter. You can create as many users you like, however, they must connect from the two machines that are licensed.


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