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Document ID: 1958
Subject: Change file location on Syncrify Server using junction points on Windows
Creation date: 2/13/12 4:53 PM
Last modified on: 8/17/20 12:36 PM

Creating Junction Points


Refer to the documentation of the OS you are using for any rules that may apply when creating or deleting junction points.


When a user is created in Syncrify server, you have to specify a path where files are stored. This is called the repository path. Consider the following scenario where you create a user with the following values:

User's Name: UserA
Login ID:
Repository path: C:\Backups

John Doe, the administrator of the Syncrify Server wants to change the backup location of the top level folder wwwroot using junction points. Assume the profile name is ProfileOne.

By default, the files will be stored in the following folder on the target machine (where Syncrify server is running)



Use the following command to create a Junction Point on Windows.
mklink /J LinkName TargetLocation


In this example we will change have the wwwroot on the server to point to C:\InetPub\wwwroot
  • We are logged in as administrator to the machine running Syncrify server.
  • Opened Command Prompt and changed directories to the C:\Users\John Doe\Backups\\ProfileOne
  • To make the junction point we typed
    mklink /J wwwroot C:\InetPub\wwwroot

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