MS Exchange Plugin

The MS Exchange Plugin allows users to backup mailboxes in Microsoft Exchange to a remote machine. This plugin has following requirements:

  • MS Exchange 2010 (SP3) or newer
  • MS Exchange management shell is installed
  • The Syncrify client must be running on the same machine where MS Exchange is running
  • There must be enough free disk space on this machine to hold PST files.
Additionally, following steps are required before configuring Syncrify.

Step 1

Create a share folder on the server and grant Exchange Trusted Subsystem read/write permission. In this example, we are using a share called ExchangePST that is referring to C:\ExchangePST folder. See the image on the right and click to enlarge.

This folder is used to store exported PST files from Exchange server.

Step 2

Next, you will need to grant a user, or group, the Mailbox Import Export role. Backups will run using this user's account. Follow the steps below to accomplish this task:
  • Open Exchange Management Shell on the machine
  • Type the following command.

    New-ManagementRoleAssignment -Role "Mailbox Import Export" -User YourActiveDirectoryDomain\Administrator

    Change the machine and user/group name appropriately in the above command.
  • Close Exchange Management Shell by typing the Exit command.

Step 3

Change the user account that will run backups using the following steps:
  • Open Services from Control Panel
  • Locate a service called Backup Monitoring Service, double click it to invoke the properties window.
  • Click the Log On tab and switch the account to Administrator. See image below

Step 4

Now you are ready to configure Syncrify Client.
  • Start the Syncrify client
  • Select the Profile name node on the left and click the right mouse button. Then, select MS Exchange from plugin.

  • This opens up the following window.

    The following table contain field definitions for this window.
    Shared Folder Name:Shared folder you created in Step 1
    Shared Folder Path:Absolute path of this shared folder
    Exchange Path:Location where MS Exchange is installed.
  • Once the plugin is configured, run backup to confirm it is working

Restoring Files

Use the following steps to restore individual mailboxes.
  • Start the Syncrify Client and load the profile containing Exchange Plugin
  • Select the MS Exchange node from the tree-view
  • Click the right mouse button and select Restore/Selected Folder
  • Next, select the PST files you like to restore and click Restore. See image below.


Unintentional restores for MS Exchange can be dangerous. Therefore, the Exchange plugin is designed to ignore a profile restore. This means, Exchange mailboxes are NOT restored when a user click the button to restore entire profile.

Troubleshooting problems

Syncrify executes some power scripts in the background before backing the mailboxes. Refer to logs/MSExchange.log file in the Data Folder if you run into problems executing this plugin.


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