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Subject:Error while upgrading - MD5 signature does not match
Creation date:9/19/12 9:56 AM
Last modified on:12/12/18 11:31 AM

Error while upgrading Syncrify

You are getting an error that says something like:
MD5 signature of the downloaded file does not match for


During the upgrade process your copy of Syncrify downloads necessary files from Synametrics' web servers. Once these files are downloaded, the Syncrify server on your end computes the MD5 signature of the downloaded file to ensure its validity.

You see this error if computed MD5 signature for the downloaded file does not match the expected value. Most common reasons for this to happen are:
  • A network error occurred while downloading
  • A proxy server on your end modified the file. A proxy server that has a packet-level firewall may change the content of a zipped file en-route. This is very common if the proxy server unzips the file, checks for viruses and then zips it back.

How to fix this

  • Locate $INSTALL_DIR\patches folder on your machine. On Windows the path is something like C:\Syncrify\patches. On Linux it is /opt/Syncrify/patches
  • Delete every file from this folder but AppLauncher.jar. It is very important you do not delete AppLauncher.jar
  • Try upgrading again.
  • Watch the patches folder. You should see new files in this folder.
Note: If your OS complain about files in use while deleting files from patches folder, stop Syncrify service, remove files and then restart.

If you repeatedly get this error, ensure a proxy server on your end is not modifying the contents of a zipped file.

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