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Document ID: 2086
Subject: What does EOF reached error mean
Creation date: 6/15/12 4:01 PM
Last modified on: 12/12/18 11:29 AM

EOF Reached

Often users see the following message in the log files:

ERROR com.synametrics.syncrify.client.aP  - Unable to backup /some/File/Name.pdf. EOF reached.


EOF stands for End-of-file and is a term typically used when transmission of data ends prematurely. In Syncrify's speak this mean the message sent from Syncrify client to server or server to client did not get to the other end in its entirety. This is usually caused by a network error and only affects one file.

Syncrify creates several TCP/IP connections between client and server during backup. If a handful of connections terminate prematurely, it does cause the entire backup to fail.

What can I do to fix this error?

Often fixing bad network connections is not in user's hand. If client and server are on the same LAN, you will hardly see these messages in the log file. However, it is very common for TCP/IP connections to abort prematurely on the Internet.

Therefore, unless you see these errors for the same file over and over again, we recommend ignoring these messages. File that failed to transfer will get backed up the next time you run a backup.

User comments

Posted by Martin K on 7/31/13 12:01 PM

Might also be due to disk full on server. -)

Posted by Mark L on 4/18/18 1:54 PM

I had this error on a client, always on the same set of folders and files. I noticed that some of the files had square brackets [ ] in their file names and after removing those brackets the backups completed fine. So obviously this is a bug in Syncrify but easy to work around (assuming you can rename your files).

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