Deduplication in Syncrify

Often users ask if Syncrify supports deduplication when comparing Syncrify with other backup software. A short answer to this question is no, but there is a reason.

Deduplication saves disk space. This is done by compressing data in a manner that eliminates duplicate blocks of data. For example, when two users backup the same file, such as msvcrt.dll, the system will only store one copy of this file on the disk. This saves significant space on the server and it works very nicely if similar data is stored multiple folders.

Reason why Syncrify does not support it

One of the features offered in Syncrify is encryption. Every profile in Syncrify can potentially encrypt files with a different password. When identical files are encrypted with different passwords, the final encrypted file is completely different and therefore, deduplication does not make any sense. Many backup software encrypts files using the same key, yielding identical encrypted versions even if they belong to different users. Obviously, from a security perspective this is not a good option.

A work-around

The latest version of Microsoft Server 2012 supports deduplication at the OS level. Consider running Syncrify server on this OS to achieve the same end results. Click for more information.


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