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Subject: What is Syncrify Data Folder
Creation date: 9/13/10 1:02 PM
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What is Syncrify Data Folder

Data folder in Syncrify is a special folder where information about every profile is stored. Besides profiles, it also stores:
  • Log files - these are stored in a sub-folder called logs
  • MD5 signatures - these are stored in sigCache folder
  • Lock files - these are temporary files that prevent a single profile from running simultaneously
The easiest way to get to the Data Folder is to click Open Data Folder item under the File menu in Syncrify Client.

Absolute path for Data Folder

Starting from version 2.6, the preferred path on Windows platform is the All Users folder, instead of the individual user. The exact path is:

On Windows XP, 2003:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\SyncrifyData\

On Windows Vista & above

Mac OS X

On Linux, BSD and Unix

Prior to version 2.6, Syncrify Data Folder was stored in user's home directory. The exact path is:

On Windows XP, 2003:
c:\Documents And Settings\YourUserName\.syncrify\

On Windows Vista & above

On Linux, UNIX & Mac OS X

Changing The Path For Data Folder

Although it is not important to change this path on Windows and MAC OS X, it is often necessary to change the path on Linux, allowing multiple user accounts to share the same Data Folder. This can be achieved by specifying the following property as a command line argument.

java -Dsyncrify.custom.home=/path/to/folder -jar Loader.jar

Note that every sub-folder within Data Folder will also be moved to this new location. This includes logs, folder cache, runtime libraries as well as reports.

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