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Subject:Steps for scheduling backup on Linux/UNIX using cron
Creation date:8/31/11 10:08 AM
Last modified on:8/31/11 10:31 AM

Scheduling backup on Linux using cron

Unfortunately, Scheduling backups on Linux as not as simple as Windows or Mac (at least in the current version of Syncrify). In order to schedule a backup you must:
  • Create a shell script to execute Syncrify client
  • Schedule that script using cron

Below is an example of a sample script.
/opt/jdk1.6.0/bin/java -Dsyncrify.custom.home=/home/eric/.syncrify -jar /home/eric/SyncrifyClient/SyncrifyClient.jar -console backupProfile.syncrify
The following table explains the elements in this command:

/opt/jdk1.6.0/bin/java Location of Java JRE
-Dsyncrify.custom.home=/home/eric/.syncrify Specify the location of the Data Folder. Since cron jobs are run as root, you must specify this parameter so that the profile file is located at runtime. This value typically refers to the the home directory of the user.
/home/eric/SyncrifyClient/SyncrifyClient.jar Location of SyncrifyClient.jar file
-console Parameter to make Syncrify run in console mode
backupProfile.syncrify Name of the profile that gets executed

Once the script file is created, use cron to schedule it.

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