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Subject:Troubleshooting problems with bare metal backups
Creation date:12/24/15 9:29 AM
Last modified on:12/24/15 9:29 AM

Troubleshooting problems with Bare-Metal backups

It is important to understand how Bare-Metal backup works in Syncrify, which will help you troubleshoot common problems. The Bare-Metal feature in Syncrify is built on top of existing backup program provided by the Windows operating system.

Bare-Metal backup in Syncrify occur in two phases:

Phase 1 - Windows Backup

In this phase Syncrify runs scripts to execute the wbadmin program on Windows, which creates a disk images of the source drive to a destination drive. For example C drive to F drive. The actual scripts are located in $DATA_FOLDER\BareMetalScripts folder. Therefore, the size of the destination drive must be larger than the source.

Try opening BareMetal_C2F.cmd file in Notepad or any other editor to see what it does.

Phase 2 - Syncrify

Once Phase 1 finishes successfully, Syncrify starts copying the files to a remote computer.

Troubleshooting tips

Most errors when using Bare-Metal plugin occur in Phase 1. Therefore, consider the following steps when troubleshooting problems.

  • Refer to $DATA_FOLDER\logs\BareMetalBackup.txt file for errors. Output generated by the wbadmin command is stored in this file.
  • Try running the $DATA_FOLDER\BareMetalScripts\BareMetal_C2F.cmd file manually. You will have to do this from an elevated Command Prompt.

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