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Subject:How to restore files in Syncrify
Creation date:6/11/18 9:00 AM
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How to Restore Files

There are several ways to restore files in Syncrify.
Method 1 - Using the Syncrify Client GUI
Using Syncrify Client's GUI you can either restore the entire profile or a selective folder. Refer to following links for details: To restore entire profile, click the right mouse button and select Restore/Entire Profile. See image on the right for a screenshot. This option will restore every single file and can be dangerous. If files are missing they will get restored from the server. A newer file will get replaced by an older copy from the server. Therefore, use this option only if files are either corrupted or are missing on the client's machine.
Method 2 - Using a browser
Users can restore their backed up files from any browser, running either on a desktop or a mobile device.
  • Connect to the web interface using either a desktop computer or a mobile device. Supported devices are phones and tablets running iOS, Android or Windows.
  • Use non-admin credentials belonging to a user. These are the same credentials used for backing up files
  • The web interface will display an Explorer like window allowing users to download any file.
  • Users can also send files via emails from their mobile device
This method is useful for restoring a handful of files or accessing them from a remote location.
Method 3 - Server Side Restore
Use this option to restore entire profile from the server's end to a USB drive and then carry over the files physically to the client's machine. Click here for details.

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