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Document ID: 5435
Subject: Users get locked out because Syncrify/SynaMan would not accept password
Creation date: 1/22/21 12:42 PM
Last modified on: 1/22/21 12:43 PM

Locked Out Users Even when they put the right password

This article applies to Syncrify as well as SynaMan
Similar to any publicly available web server, users across the Internet try to connect with malicious intent. Both Syncrify and SynaMan can block IP addresses to mitigate such attacks. Once an IP gets blocked, no one will be able to connect from that IP even if they specify correct credentials.

When Are Users Blocked

There are two common scenario:

  • When too many incorrect user id/password combinations are detected
  • When invalid HTTP requests are submitted. Click here for details.

Detecting Blocked IP

There are two ways to detect if an IP address is blocked:

  • Refer to Syncrify.log in case of Syncrify or SynaMan.log if you're using SynaMan
  • Log in as admin, click Configuration, select the Security tab and click View Blocked IP

Common Reasons for False Alarm

  • Every client coming in from the Internet appears to connect from the same IP. Click here for instructions on how to fix this.
  • User connects to the server using incorrect protocol. For example, connecting using HTTPS on a port that listens on HTTP could also result in invalid request.

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